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Photographer Joseph Bramer was born on 8th April 1985 in Vienna, Austria. “Photography is his addiction” and he is always trying to get the best out of his photos.


He started to photograph in 2006, after 3 years he bought his first Canon DSLR camera to set it to the next level. From the beginning he developed a passion for people and nature-photography and it still catches him more and more.
His focus is to enjoy work and to have fun with the people he is working with! In people-photography he always try to take natural photos of the person in front of the camera, he doesn’t like to do so much editing on the photos cause he likes it more the natural way! Of course retouching is a part of photography, but a good photo should not fully depend on post-processing with photo-editing tools!
Naturephotography (wildlifephotography) is the next big part of his work, not only because it is a good alternative to model-photography.
He is a natureloving person and its very important for him to take care about mother nature!

J.Bramer Photography (Joseph Bramer) is supporting foundations like: WWF – World Wildlife Fund

for bookings and questions –> send me an email: photo@jbramer.at or use my contact-form.

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